The Mummy Tummy Package

The Mummy Tummy is one of our specialty packages at the clinic. We designed it so that women affected by loose skin, stretch-marks, etc due to pregnancy can regain their former tummy! It is possible!

One Session £99

Course of 3 Sessions £209

Whats included?

• Radio Frequency - to tighten and sculpt lose skin
• Skin Peel - to resurface dimpled or stretch-marked skin
• Shrinkage Wrap - to reduce body fat and firm the elasticity in the skin

What are the benefit of The Mummy Tummy Package

Removes fat cells
Improves skin texture
Body contouring/shaping
Improves lymph and blood circulation
Improves cellulite
Tightens connective tissue
Helps remove toxins from the body
Fat burning
Healthier, Balanced, Younger Looking Facial Skin

Want to know more about The Nue You Package Treatment?

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The Mummy Tummy Package is designed specifically to shrink and improve the effect sometimes left behind by baby. The treatment is pain-free, effective, and with no downtime. We recommend having a course of treatments.


Post Treatment

In order for the treatment to work at its best you also need to commit
to certain changes in lifestyle. In between sessions you should:

Drink plenty of water (approx 2 litres)
Avoid alcohol for at least 3 days after the treatment

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