The Complexion Package

Nue Clinic has designed for anyone who’s tired of suffering with a skin any complaint; this may be issues such as acne, fine line and wrinkles, sagging or ageing skin, rosacea, etc.



Whats included?

We all know that 3 continuous facials are better than one, so we’re giving you 3 of choice of facials which are best suited to your skin.

• Teen Facial
• Rejuvenating RF Facial
• Photo LED Light Facial
• BM Glycolic Plus
• Acne Facial



What are the benefits of The Complextion Package

Improves skin texture
Evens out skin tone
Hydrates and soothes
Saves money in the long-run
Improves chances of reaching skin goal
Stimulates circulation
Stimulates collagen
Flushes excess toxins

Want to know more about The Complexion Package Treatment?

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Post Treatment

In order for the treatment to work at its best you also need to commit
to certain changes in lifestyle. In between sessions you should:

Drink plenty of water (approx 2 litres)
Avoid alcohol for at least 3 days after the treatment

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