IPL for Skin Photorejuvenation aka the illumiFacial

The Excelight IPL is the next generation of the highly successful skin rejuvenation treatment, using our award winning premium IPL system. Treating a multitude of skin concerns and complaints such as rosacea, wrinkles, sun damage, acne and more


Single Session Full Face £160

Single Session Full Face and Decolletage £200

Course of 5 Full Face £640

Course of Full Face and Decolletage 800

With the passage of time and exposure to the elements (mainly the sun), the skin loses its elasticity, thins out and sometimes, in addition to wrinkle formation, it must contend with spots and discoloration that change its complexion.

These alterations lead to photoaging, a phenomenon which mainly affects light and delicate skin. Excelight offers excellent results also for photorejuvenation treatments of face, neck, neckline and hands by significantly stimulating collagen production.

The IPL photorejuvenation treatment visibly restores tone and freshness to the skin.

Lynton Excelight is an innovative technique in the field of high-end hair removal treatments, thanks to its power, precision, and utmost effectiveness.


With our Lynton Excelight we can perform over 10 different treatments with two highly effective IPL handpieces. Treatments include:

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Vascular lesion treatment
  • Pigmentation removal and more.

Waxing has been a loyal companion for decades with its unquestionable effectiveness, but painful rips and possible folliculitis made us appreciate new hair removal technologies even more.

Today with Lynton Excelight men and women can obtain a smooth and soft skin in few easy steps:

The power generated by the Lynton Excelight is transferred to the hair follicle through an optical fibre, without energy loss, thus offering the most effective treatments.

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