Hollywood Boob Lift Treatment in Milton Keynes.

A revolutionary non surgical breast enhancement treatment to lift and shape your breasts to give you the shape that you always dreamed of!

Price £55 per session or 3 sessions for £145

How does it work?

The Hollywood Breast Lift is a non surgical, pain free breast enhancement treatment. The treatment is completely non-invasive and works with the bodies immune system to eliminate toxins and drain though the lymph system to eliminate toxins. The procedure uses four systems that work together to give a fantastic result.

Whilst you relax on the couch, cups are attached to the breast for the duration of the treatment. The treatment is very relaxing and the only discomfort you may feel is the vacuum suction on application and will be adjusted to your comfort level.


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Questions and Answers

How does it work?

Vacuum lift, micro-current, light therapy and massage. This stimulates blood flow and increases breast tissue making the breasts firmer, fuller and uplifted. The four systems working together result in collagen production and the ultimate shape for the breasts.

Does it hurt?

No it is a very relaxing treatment and the level will be set to your comfort.

What is the aftercare?

Your therapist will explain all the aftercare to ensure that you maintain the result for its duration in very easy terms.

Are there any side effects?

No, your breasts may have a slight reddening after due to the increased circulation but will reside within 30 minutes to an hour and you may see the suction marks from the cups but again this will decrease very quickly.

How long does it last?

The result will initially last up to 14 days but as with any non-surgical treatment a course of treatments will give an accumulative result which gains long lasting results with only maintenance sessions needed.

How long do the sessions last?

You will be with the therapist for 45 minutes in the clinic.

I have children and breast fed will it work for me?

Yes, it is great for ladies that have lost the volume in their breasts due to breast feeding. The collagen is improved and the natural shape of the breast can be achieved after a few sessions.

How many sessions is recommended?

It differs from person to person but we always recommend a course of treatments and 3 to 6 is an advisable course for this treatment.

I have had surgical breast enhancements can I have the treatment?

No, anyone that has had a surgical treatment on the breast we cannot treat.

Is there anything I should do before the treatment?

Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring a good supportive or sports bra to wear after the treatment. A low cut bra is good for photos for you to see before and after results. We do advise a healthy diet and lots of water. No alcohol 24/48 before the treatment. Please go to the toilet before the treatment commences. It is recommended that women avoid having the service during/around their menstrual cycle to avoid discomfort.