Non Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift Treatment.

Achieve the bum you always dreamed of! Try the revolutionary Brazilian bum lift treatment to lift, tone and contour the bum. Not only does it tone and lift the bum it also treats cellulite.

Price £45 per session

Course of 8 sessions £350

Bum Lift Pro £90 per session

How does it work?

Transform your behind with this latest technology which is non-invasive and a fraction of the price of bum augmentation/surgery. Vacuum suction is used to massage fibrous tissue, increase blood circulation and contract the muscles. It will strengthen and tone the buttock. Micro current therapy , muscles will look and feel firmer and the appearance of saggy, dimpled skin will be reduced. The current will contract to tighten the muscle to create a lift. Photon light therapy is used to stimulate the blood circulation, nourish skin and stimulate collagen and elastin which will help reduce the appearance of cellulite. A perfect treatment to get you that rear that you always dreamt off.


"Babs is approachable, knowledgeable and more importantly is able to give recommend the best for you and talk you through why without using jargon and up sell"

The results

Want to know more about Brazilian Bum Lift?

How long does it last?

The result will initially last up to 14 days but as with any non-surgical treatment a course of treatments will give an accumulative result which gains long lasting results with only maintenance sessions needed


How long do the sessions last?

You will be with the therapist for 45 minutes in the clinic.

What should I wear to the treatment?

You are advised to attend your treatment wearing comfortable clothing and a g-string.


Is there anything I should do prior the treatment?

Prior to your treatment and to get the best results from the service we advise to drink plenty of water pre-treatment, no alcohol 24/48 before the treatment. Please go to the toilet prior to your treatment. It is not recommended that you have the treatment during your menstrual cycle to avoid discomfort.