Rejuvenated Skin

Thanks to glycolic acid Antioxidant against free radicals long-term action due to ubiquinone.


The power of ubiquinone and the regenerative action of glycolic acid

Ubiquinone neutralizes free radicals by reducing oxidative stress with skin improvements after the first application and with super long-lasting results. Glycolic acid helps to progressively remove corneal cells that clog follicular pores, allowing sebum discharge, emptying pustules and reducing the formation of new comedones.

Use of BM GLYCOLIC PLUS products stimulates the skin’s self-improvement ability, producing long-lasting results.

BM GLYCOLIC PLUS Ultraceutic products have arrived

BM GLYCOLIC PLUS products promote skin regeneration induced by glycolic acid, protect the skin from environmental damage, visibly reduce wrinkles, blemishes and redness and improve skin tone.