This treatment begins with an evaluation of skin’s current condition and followed by a deep cleansing with utrasonic. Exfoliation to polish away impurities and steam to soften and unclog skin pores. Extractions to decongest your pores which is followed by High Frequency Therapy to to stimulate, sanitize and heal the skin. We use the the perfect booster and moisturizer with SPF for your skin type.

Acne/spot prone skin treatment – High Frequency Facial – £45

The Non Surgical way to a new you


Improves the condition of oily skin e.g. T-zone areas or blemished skin on back or chest.
Help reduce bacteria present through the creation of ozone.
Drying up of the acne and improvement of sebaceous glands.
Quick healing time for large pustules.
Reduction in the number of breakouts.
Improves skin texture and oxygen intake to the skin and the overall look and feel of the skin.